Return To Roots



The Dichotomy of progression & tradition, art & archaic living. 


The Midwest.

The heart-land of America, the bustling centre of agriculture and the road gone west. It's a conglomeration of industry and intellectual continuity. It's family socio-centric and intrinsically traditionally-bound. There's a stark contrast between the generally overlooked beauty of the landscape and the complexities of living and growing amidst at-times archaic lifestyles. Fear of God and love of country are it's cornerstone, whilst hard work and simplicity's aim are it's bedrock. One might find the deep breath of reprieve and rest within it's borders, whilst those having grown from within might find the boundaries and borders restricting; suffocating. 

And yet, what restrains often allows, and what withholds often provides the greatest unveiling. For what is creativity without it's bounds, who can create without confines, what is solution without it's problems?

So maybe, just maybe, home is the help to the hope of creation - the bounds by which one breaks the bonds of status quo. 

Maybe a return to roots is the ember that kindles, the fire that forges; once imperfect, now purified. 

An ode to home, Vol. 1.

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