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Daneisha, An editorial


Each editorial for me begins with a single source of inspiration - be it a photograph, film or piece of architecture. That single orgin of inspiration usually sparks the first idea which then coalesce into a combination of ideas that form the final product. This particular project started with the desire to work towards a greater understanding and use of minimalism and the removal unnecessary items, as well as a bit of a color study through the intentional use of props. Daneisha is a long-time friend and model and we partnered together in studio to create the following editorial - behind the scenes of some of the post work is provided below the post. 

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A behind the scenes look into post production 


Every photoshoot brings with it a certain list of requirements come post production and the goal is to shoot as much in camera as physically possible and then use post as a way of making minor tweaks. This particular shoot was one such example - I worked hard to light, pose and position everything as best as possible in camera, but found it necessary to use a myriad of tools to bring the render-like surrealism desired for the end product. Even amidst the greatest planning, every shoot also brings with it a line of curveballs. The twist on this shoot was receiving the green curtains several days late and thus eliminating the time necessary to clean and iron them, so I knew I would be spending a considerable time in post working on them. Below are several examples of images where I used a combination of frequency separation, dodge and burn, non-destructive healing and the liquify tool to bring the final images to life. 

I wouldn't know any of these tools or how they work had it not been for the countless artists and photographers through the years creating tutorials and answering questions via email and social media and I always desire to repay that kindness, so should you have questions please feel free to comment or email me and I will do my best to answer them or link other resources that do. 


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