The Oculus


The Oculus


Stained in stark white, effervescent lines looping through the transit station, and a project covered in controversy. The Oculus is the train station and newest addition to the World Trade Center section of New York City. Designed by Santiago Calatrava - famous for his sweeping lines and minimalist design - The Oculus was created to look like a dove taking flight in tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Despite being surrounded by controversy given its 4 billion dollar cost and questionable design that can appear like the bones of a skeleton to uneducated spectators, the building is cast in the most beautiful city-scape light and takes on the most exquisite forms when viewed up close. 

While spending several days setting out across the city that never sleeps in search of new imagery and exploration, I endeavored to capture a more intimate view of the stunning structure. Amidst the hustle and bustle of early morning rush hour, the spectacular morning sun burst through the facades and pylons with an intensity that almost brought the dove-dawning architecture to life and allowed me to remove the chaos and cluster of transit and deliver a more minimalistic realm through which to view the station. As the stark sunbeams broke through the myriad of angles within the structure, shadows and light danced in spectacular form, giving new sights to spectators with the passing of every few minutes. Whether a fan of the facility or cynic of the cost, few could stand within this monument of memory and not be moved by its emotionally-enchanting architecture. 

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