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An Update


For the last 20 years I have resided in and built my business from the midwestern city of Springfield, Missouri. I grew up in Springfield, attended high-school and college and returned here once after completing my studies in cinematography in Sydney, Australia.

Springfield has always been home. It has provided a core community of friends and family that are now spread across the world, allowed a place of reprieve when life took unexpected turns, & has been quite potentially the best place on Earth to begin business with a record low cost of living and thriving creative community. Im so incredibly thankful for this city, its unfailingly kind community & the opportunity to step out into entrepreneurship amongst it’s businesses. I’ve experienced incredible client relations, worked on some of my favorite personal projects, and have been able to grow and learn amidst a warm and inviting atmosphere.

However, change is always inevitable.

With that being said, on the second of February I will officially be moving both my personal and professional life to Nashville, Tennessee.

I am excited to move my base of operations to a thriving city with so much opportunity, along with an already inviting community. I will miss Springfield dearly, but I will also be returning rather consistently for work. Below I’ve answered some questions concerning my move, how it will affect my business, current clients, and what Springfield-based businesses can expect from me.

What does this mean for my Springfield-based clients?

I have a long list of friends and clients in the Springfield and Missouri area and I will be commuting regularly for work. Those of you currently on contract with me have been notified and we will continue to work per usual. For all future opportunities, the same process of communication, work and interaction will apply without deviation. I look forward to all of the projects and relationships ahead in the Springfield and Missouri areas.

What will I be doing in Nashville?

I will be moving my base of operations to Nashville and working to build the same level of business and ability to serve the creative community as I have done in Springfield. I am already working with a list of clients in the Nashville area and am looking forward to expanding those relationships with all of the artists, musicians, businesses and wonderful people in the area. I will have a full-time photography studio in the Nations District and look forward to partnering with, working for and getting to know the wonderful community in and around the city.

What does my schedule look like before I move?

I have so much to be thankful for, including the list of clients that called to get in last minute jobs before my move. I am spending the entirety of this week packing and working, but I would love to connect, if even for a few brief minutes before I leave. If you would like connect before I depart, please email, text or call.

I am incredibly thankful for the vibrant and close community that abides in Springfield, Missouri and for the time I have had here. I am also incredibly excited for the days ahead full of creative collaborations, new business partnerships, meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends, and beginning a new chapter in a city with so much life and artistry. If you live in or around Nashville, I would love to connect! And if you live in Springfield, I would love to say my goodbyes.

Thanks to all my friends, family and wonderful clients for your understanding and support during this exciting transition.

– Josh


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