Women's History Month


Women's History & Free portraiture giveaway


This month is significant for me as I was raised by my mother who was a CEO, vice president, entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife, mother and woman of strong morals and passions. One of the things I've always been keenly aware of is the strength of women. It looks different for each individual, but I watched my mother, and a myriad of other women, face difficulties or insurmountable odds and do so with the most beautiful, potent, unimaginable strength and dignity that one could imagine – a strength that most would not normally assume. Im thankful to say I was raised as a man who doesn't fear strong women, but rather respects and desires them to abound in every area of my life.

In light of that, I'm embarking on a journey to do something to highlight, celebrate and share the stories of the strength and perseverance of women in my community. 

Enter Women's History month and this project.

Through the month of March, I will be giving away 12 free portrait sessions in order to celebrate and recognize women in my community. I will be working in partnership with a local hair and makeup artist, videographer and other vendors who will all be donating their time and services to provide free imagery, styling and other affects to the women who are chosen to be part of this project. 

If you know a woman who deserves to be recognized or are one who would love to share your story to encourage other women just like you, all you have to do to enter is email the following to josh@joshboston.co

  • Name, age and a photo 
  • One-paragraph overview of a specific moment in your life when you faced insurmountable odds and how you overcame that situation

I will choose the 12 women and photograph each of them throughout the course of this month. I'm looking forward to sharing the stories of women who live in strength and boldness, providing a small way to celebrate them in a world that so often views them as less. 

Here's to a world of women; strong, bold, courageous and passionate, and a month to celebrate their accomplishments throughout history. 



* Each portrait session for the women selected will be photographed in-studio at the E-factory building in Downtown Springfield and include the following: a one hour portrait session, hair & makeup provided by Valeria Boss Salons, and 5 edited images provided in high-resolution, able to be printed or posted as desired.


If you are a local vendor that would like to partner with me in this project, please send all inquiries to josh@joshboston.co

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