“Josh's enthusiasm for his craft was evident, and it was clear he was equally invested with us as to our final result! I've worked with other photographers and creatives that did not invest their energies in our projects the way Josh did – it was highly appreciated, and shows in the end product.”

— Abbi, innovative ID – Springield, USA


"Josh, did an outstanding job for us.  He took the time to understand exactly what we wanted and needed, and then executed on that information with absolute excellence.  Loved both the professional outcome of his work and the ease of working with Josh.  I look forward to working on future projects with Josh.”

— Norm Edwards, AGWM – Kiev, Ukraine


"Josh Boston is an inspirational and innovative photographer who uses his director perspective and attention to detail to craft compelling stories. As I’ve worked with him in the past, his hardworking and timely nature, allowed us to create an impactful editorial. I highly recommended his work to my associates and fellow professionals.”

— joel bear, motif no. 3 – los angeles, usa


"I absolutely loved working with Josh, he was so down to earth and I felt very comfortable through out the whole shoot. He gave good, constructive criticism with poses and positions. He has an amazing grasp of lighting and what makes a picture pop. I would definitely work with Josh again. It was a great experience.”

— Megan Gaither, Model – Dallas, USA

“Not only a talented artist but an awesome guy, Josh and his camera are the dream team when it comes to creative projects. Do yourself a favour and book a meeting, totally worth it.”

— Matty Teague, feather & birch – sydney, australia


"I have worked with Josh on dozens of projects and every time he gives us more than what is expected. His dedication to the craft, tireless work ethic and gift of creativity all unite for top notch work. Working with Josh allows us to give our clients a high level product that we are all proud of. Josh is doesn't just hit the mark...he sets the bar when it comes to photography.”

— Adam Devizia, Beyond Creative – Springfield, USA


"I’ve worked with Josh on countless corporate and personal photography projects. The thing that I can always rely on is that he can take a vision and bring it into fruition through his photography. He brings both professionalism and heart to every project he does.”

— charity reeb, do good business – dallas, USA


“We've had the pleasure of working with Josh over the past couple of years. Josh has helped update all aspects of our Hudson / Hawk branding--from the photography and social media, to graphic and web design. His dedication to creative excellence, his ability to capture a fresh perspective, his personality, professionalism and his integrity are all reasons why we've trusted Josh to help shape our creative vision.”

— Thad Forrester, hudson hawk – Midwest, USA 



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