Professional Portraits

Headshots are a professional staple & brand necessity. They carry the weight of introducing you and your brand to the world when you’re not present. How you appear, how their photographed & how they’re edited can be as important as your business itself. Professional Portraits by Josh Boston eliminate the hardship, remove the ambiguity & provide a clear and efficient process for creating individual & team portraits for you and your company.


In-Studio or On-Location

Sometimes the need is for a simple portrait against a solid color background, and other times the desire is for editorial-like images taken inside an office space or desired destination. Whatever the need, options are easy and available


Inter-changable Group Images

Group images can be challenging when staff members are added or take leave. By using composited group images that places individual portraits together into one image, it allows for staff members to be added or removed effortlessly without the need for another all-staff photoshoot.

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High-quality editing and skin-retouching

Every image provided goes through a detailed editing process that includes skin blemish removal, skin tone adjustments, hair & wardrobe fixes & 32bit color enhancement editing.


Personalized Client Portal & Project Updates

From the initial contact through to the image delivery, the project process is updated on a personalized Client Portal that is password protect, houses all of the project documents & allows for day-to-day updates of where the images are at in the process.

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